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Best Merchant Processing Solutions

AllayPay offers the largest variety of payment solutions on the market.

Embrace efficiency and security in your payment processes with our comprehensive merchant services.

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We Work with any type of Merchant




Credit Repair


Medical Billing

Our services, tailored for fraud and chargeback protection, combined with personalized support and PCI compliance, ensure your business operates smoothly and securely.

Customize your Merchant Account

AllayPay integrates with virtually any website or platform and provides the exact tools you need to streamline your business. Connect your Accounting System, CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sale, and Payment Gateway easily.

Payment Options You Can Rely On

Optimize your sales with AllayPay’s diverse payment solutions, perfect for eCommerce, Card Not Present, Retail, and Restaurant businesses.

Our platform offers seamless integration for online and retail stores.

Take payments by Mail Order or Telephone Order (MOTO)? We offer dozens of payment gateways that work for your business.


Card Not Present



Eliminate the Stress of Payment Processing

AllayPay understands the unique challenges high-risk merchants face getting a processing account, such as high chargebacks, credit issues, and banks simply not wanting to work with your specific industry. Our approach is to alleviate your stress by leveraging our extensive network of banks that are comfortable in your space. This guarantees your best chance at getting approved fast, with a bank that won’t shut you down.

SMART processing done right!

Get ready for hassle-free payments with the latest technology. Same-day approvals, competitive rates, and dedicated support, all without long-term contracts.

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