From gentlemen’s clubs to online dating websites to regular adult shops, AllayPay is one of the top providers of merchant accounts for adult entertainment companies.

How AllayPay Works for You

AllayPay understands the needs of online adult entertainment merchants and adult retailers and we ensure you have the best processing solutions at rates guaranteed to save you thousands over our competitors. From the moment you start the application process with us, you will notice the hands-on approach our company takes to ensure you are boarded as diligently and as quickly as possible.

With years of experience specializing in setting up high-risk adult websites to merchants selling adult toys, we know the best POS systems and gateways for your industry. We offer value-added services at affordable rates that will help grow your business while eliminating service interruptions.  We provide the expertise, remedies, and relationships to ensure you save time and money.  Contact us today!

Highest Rated POS Systems and Solutions

For retailers, we offer many options for POS systems, such as Clover, Vend, and Quantic.  We offer the most gateways available for selling online, including, NMI, and FluidPay.

Matching Your Processing Needs

From ensuring full integration to QuickBooks to having one portal for both retail and online activity, we ensure you have the proper setup to save time and money.

Single Point of Contact  

Our staff is extremely well trained and committed to responding quickly with the complete answers you need without any runaround.  We free up your time, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Sell Cigars Online with AllayPay

We know that there is not a one size fits all solution as your tobacco business and product offerings are unique.  That’s why we work with each of our merchants to provide customized solutions.  By customizing each cigar merchants’ solutions, we reduce risk and ensure that you maintain a steady merchant account.  We ensure you have access to the latest point of sale systems and tools to help you grow in this multi-billion-dollar industry. We also offer cash discount and surcharging options, so you can save thousands compared to your existing merchant provider. If selling tobacco online, we set up gateways that can automatically allocate volume between multiple processing accounts.

Approximately 14% or 34 million Americans are smokers.  This is a multi-billion-dollar marketplace selling unique or alternative products, such as custom blended cigars that are not necessarily typical retail merchandise. Whether your firm is a small business or a local or national chain selling online, we understand that you need a continuous and effective online payment gateway that will function no matter where or how the payment is made. This is where AllayPay fits into your business.


Why Our Merchants Love Us!

Most of our current merchants were previously processing with ISOs that simply either didn’t have the knowledge or lacked the caring to ensure that each of their needs were met.

They were either set up incorrectly and got their merchant account shut down or signed up with a payment facilitator that didn’t perform the proper underwriting prior to boarding.  When merchants in the high risk space such as tobacco and cigars lose their merchant account due to being shut down from high chargebacks, or being placed on the MATCH list for selling improper products, it can completely ruin your ability to successfully run your business.

For each of our merchants, we do the preliminary underwriting and work with your web developer to ensure all proper website disclosures are displayed in advance to ensure the quickest merchant approval time in the industry.  For example, not having adequate refund policies, terms and conditions, SSL checkout pages, and other requirements will delay your approval time.



Don’t waste your valuable time trying to work with other processors.  We make setting up an adult merchant account a quick, hassle-free process.  

Partnering with AllayPay ensures:

  • Ongoing full-service support responds to all your questions and any processing concerns.
  • Elimination of unnecessary hours you and your team spend on invoicing, billing, and payments, so you can focus on what matters the most – growing your business!
  • You have access to experienced staff and your sex shop has continuous processing, so there’s no downtime due to merchant account termination.
  • Adult merchant accounts are boarded without unnecessary reserve requirements.  

Work with us.  We’re here for you.


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