Credit repair companies are vital to the way our economy continues to improve and stabilize. Their work includes assisting people financially so that they can get back on their feet. Yet despite the success this industry has, banks typically won’t provide a merchant account for these services. However, through our vast network of high-risk payment processors, we can provide the best industry-leading merchant account solutions for your credit repair business!


A lot of tier one banks deem credit repair businesses a high-risk industry because they typically work with risky clients. These customers have a history of not making consistent payments, which discourages banks from approving a merchant account for your company.

Even if you were to get approved, credit repair payment processors still experience a larger number of chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when customers dispute transactions with your business. When this becomes too frequent, banks will shut down your merchant account.

We at AllayPay never judge how merchants choose to make their living, which is why we go out of our way to ensure hard to merchants obtain credit card processing and other merchant services they need to be successful.

For over 5 years, AllayPay has been one of the top providers of merchant accounts for credit repair businesses. It doesn’t just stop at the approval process. AllayPay will ensure you have access to the latest software solutions and tools to help grow faster in this multi-billion dollar credit repair industry. This includes providing gateways that will automatically load balance your volume should you choose to have multiple processing accounts. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


To apply and get approved for a credit repair merchant account with AllayPay, you’ll need specific documentation to begin your application process. Here is what you’ll need:


Getting access to several markets will be a top priority for your business. With AllayPay, we know the industry and can integrate a payment gateway that will work for you.
Most merchant accounts you try to set up will have a long process, only just to be turned down at the end because you sell adult products.
When you have a partner like AllayPay who understands the industry, we’ll help you so you don’t have to bend over backwards to set up your account.
Within 24-48 hours, we’ll be able to integrate our payment process platform with any third party gateway, so you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.
Not only that, but we stay up-to-date on all compliances and rules set by the bank to ensure your account doesn’t get shut down.


Getting started with AllayPay takes only a few simple steps. By following these instructions, you’ll be on your path to securing payments for your credit repair company.

  1. Fill out the quick pre-application form online.
  2. Our sales representative will get in contact with you immediately to finish your application process.
  3. Take a break while underwriting does its process. This typically takes about 24-48 hours.
  4. After our staff has approved your application, we’ll contact you to get started on setting up your payment gateway and card-present merchant account for your business.

Process With us Today

Don’t waste any more time trying to find the right solution. Regardless of your industry, poor credit, or lack of payment processing history, we’ll work with you to get you on track for quick and efficient payment processes.