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Vaping and E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts

AllayPay specializes in hard-to-place Vaping and E-Cigarette merchants to ensure you get boarded quickly and easily.  We have the expertise needed to ensure you get boarded quickly and at reasonable rates!


We understand your business and are here to help!   

Typical e-cigs found in convenience stores usually resemble traditional cigarettes, whereas vaporizers, or vapor cigarettes, have entirely different looks and functions, and are usually sold by specialty vape shops on and off the internet. Vapers (smokers) can mix and match e-liquids, fill and refill cartridges, and color coordinate accessories to create a product tailored entirely to their tastes.


Vapor e-cigs vaporize liquid and allows it to be released into the air without any burning, so it lasts longer. Vape e-cigs are also sometimes slightly larger than a regular disposable e-cig and often resemble pens or small tubes.

Although considered safer than regular cigarettes, vape merchants still experience many government regulations.  As such, many banks and processors do not board these types of businesses.

We fully understand your industry and are able to get your business boarded quickly and easily.

Whether you are a retail vape shop or sell your products online, we will set you up with the best and least expensive options available to maximize your growth!


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