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Ticket Reseller Merchant Accounts


AllayPay specializes in hard-to-place Ticket Reseller merchants to ensure you get boarded quickly and easily.  We have the expertise needed to ensure you get boarded quickly and at reasonable rates!


We understand your business and are here to help!   

Ticket resellers (aka ticket brokers) are a very needed commodity.  They assist event coordinators by ensuring a minimum amount of tickets will be sold for each event. 


However, only certain banks and processors are willing to board these merchants.  This high-risk industry is prone to chargebacks, which is negatively frowned upon for all underwriters.  AllayPay specializes in sourcing merchant accounts for ticket resellers, and at rates you'd expect to find for retail businesses.  We'd saved ticket brokers thousands per year! 


An affiliate of the Ticket Network?  Enjoy risk-free 100% coverage from fraudulent chargebacks!


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