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Startups Merchant Accounts

AllayPay specializes in hard-to-place Startups to ensure you get boarded quickly and easily.  We have the expertise needed to ensure you get boarded quickly and at reasonable rates!


We understand your business and are here to help!   

You've formed your company, your website is virtually complete, and you're ready to start selling, but there is one important thing holding you back... you've been denied by multiple banks and processors as they want to see at least 3 - 6 months processing history prior to boarding your business. 


Don't Settle for Payment Aggregators

You might be thinking of just settling with an aggregator like Square, Stripe, Intuit or PayPal.  Admittedly, they are very easy to setup, but like many things that seem too good to be true, they have their downsides. 


  • First, at 2.75% to 3.50%+ as well as very high per transaction fees, they are very expensive compared to traditional merchant accounts!

  • That illusion of convenience can cost you dearly in the end.  What they won't highlight for you is that without a moment's notice, if they consider your business too risky or have ramped up faster than expected, they can hold your money as reserves, or worse, can cancel you altogether!


Imagine covering payroll, and other essential overhead and what that might due to your business if $20K-$40K is all of a sudden held from your bank account.  These are the horror stories that happen all the time with these types of accounts.  You can avoid all this by doing it right the first time!  After all, this is your business, don’t take shortcuts!


Whatever industry your startup business is in, AllayPay will guide you every step of the way to ensure your business is boarded quickly and easily.  We can assure you it will be underwritten properly to avoid any surprises like the one mentioned above.


Accounting Software Integration

We will be able to tailor a virtual terminal according to your business needs.  We have the tools necessary to completely integrate into your QuickBooks Desktop / Online and Sage (formerly Peachtree) software, and more.


Website / Shopping Cart Integration, Invoicing & More...

Sell through your website?  No problem!  We have the API tools necessary to easily integrate to your website and online shopping carts.  We can also set you up to allow invoicing payment links, so your customers can input their credit card information themselves. Plan on having repeat customers?  We also have the ability to store your customers' credit / debit card information safely on a PCI-compliant server, which you’ll be able to charge quickly at a later date.  Click here for more information on our virtual terminal.


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