Agent & Referral Partner Programs

AllayPay’s full suite of services helps ensure you provide your clients with a competitive edge in today’s challenging market.

Why Partner with AllayPay?

Join the most responsive business partner you'll ever have!  We know how demanding your clients can be, and we know what it's like to be left in the dark sometimes for days... We at AllayPay make it a point to respond to our partners' inquiries almost immediately.  Learn a new way of doing business!

Referral Partners:


Referral Partners simply need to introduce us to their existing contacts.  We'll handle the rest!


Most of our partners choose to be referral based given they have existing jobs and don't want the administrative burden of handling the merchants' daily needs.  Our referral partners enjoy LIFETIME RESIDUALS with extremely generous splits up to 50%.



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Agent Partners:


Agent Partners are almost always full-time in the merchant services industry and handle all aspects of the merchant signup, website compliance, and ongoing day-to-day administration for their clients. 


Becoming an agent enables you to build an independently operated business with outstanding long-term income potential. Each merchant account in your portfolio has a value based on monthly revenue received from that merchant, so you can build a revenue stream and grow your own profitable business.


Referral and Agent Partner splits are based on true net costs, and include:

  • Dedicated, continuous support from AllayPay's operations team

  • Integration teams to get your merchants going fast

  • Online application options

  • Fast turn-around time and quick installations

  • Point-of-sale (POS) software for credit, debit, gift/loyalty, ACH

  • POS check conversion

  • ACH processing

  • Working Capital Solutions


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