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Keep Customers Happy With AllayPay’s Payment Options

Date Updated: June 23, 2021

1. Invest in Payment Security

Credit card fraud affects everyone — including your customers. This is why it’s worth investing in secure payment processing. Doing so helps make the shopping experience as worry-free as possible.

2. Make Payments Faster

Waiting in line at the cash register is never fun. However, You can speed up this process by using mobile payments. Your cashiers can roam throughout the store and process credit card payments securely through POS-enabled smart devices.

3. Offer Payment Variety

Different customers prefer using different payment methods, and it’s impossible to guess these preferences in advance. Though by expanding the number of payment options you accept, you no longer have to guess.

In addition to cash, credit and debit cards, you may want to consider accepting ACH, Apple Pay, or eCheck.

4. Use Recurring Billing

Want to reduce the pain of paying as much as possible? Make all future payments automatic with recurring billing. Your customers will never have to “think” about another invoice again. The money is instantly deducted from their account whenever the next bill is due. By using an account updater service with your recurring payments schedule, you’ll reduce declines for cards that expire, are replaced or upgraded. The service works seamlessly in the background to keep your customers’ payment information current and reduce the risk of lost revenue.

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