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Nutraceutical & Essential Oil Merchant Accounts

Date Updated: June 23, 2021

Nutraceutical businesses can find it very difficult to obtain a quality partner when signing up for a merchant account.  Most processors and banks will not board nutraceutical businesses, as this industry is highly regulated and thus, is considered high-risk. 

Nutraceuticals and essential oils have enormous health benefits that enrich the lives of some many!  Our experts will be able to walk you through the FDA and website compliance to ensure you get boarded at much lower rates and fees than you are accustomed to in these industries.  Save thousands today!

AllayPay specializes in low risk and hard-to-place nutraceutical and essential oil merchants to ensure you get boarded quickly and easily.  We can walk you through how to get boarded with a mainstream processor that allows for recurring billing without the need for reserves.  Expand your business even further by increasing your cashflows and lowering your expenses today! 

Call (888) 255-2901 or visit to set up your merchant account today!