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Visa to Lower its Chargeback and Fraud Ratios for Merchants

Date Updated: June 24, 2021

Visa Inc. will lower its merchant dispute and fraud ratios in October. Merchants that exceed the revised ratios could be placed in monitoring programs meant to control risk.

Visa hasn’t announced the new standards publicly, but has informed the merchant-acquiring community.

Visa’s Chargeback Monitoring Program has two major components. Lower-risk merchants currently are placed in the program if they have 100 or more disputed transactions per month and a dispute to transactions ratio of 1%. The new standard effective Oct. 1 retains the threshold at 100 disputes, but lowers the ratio to 0.9%.

The current standard for higher risk merchants is 1,000 or more disputed transactions monthly and a 2% dispute to transactions ratio. In October, the ratio will be reduced to 1.8%, though the 1,000 dispute count will remain.

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