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Adult Entertainment Merchant Accounts

AllayPay specializes in hard-to-place Adult Entertainment merchants to ensure you get boarded quickly and easily.  We have the expertise needed to ensure you get boarded quickly and at reasonable rates!


We understand your business and are here to help!   

There are many restrictions surrounding the adult entertainment industry for good reasons.  However, even the companies that strictly abide by the rules find it difficult to find a quality merchant account since most US banks no longer provide merchant accounts or credit card processing services for this industry. 


AllayPay has a strong network of highly specialized banks and processors that fully understand and support this industry.  Thus, we are able to source merchant accounts for all types of difficult-to-place adult entertainment companies. 


Whether you are an online adult entertainment business, sex shop, or gentlemen's club, we will get you boarded quickly and with the proper processor able to integrate into your online gateway or point of sale (POS) system.


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